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Imagine holding the potential of starting more than 15,000 fires in one hand and 2,000 fires in the other. You'd feel capable, strong, safe, secure, confident...and just a little pleased in the knowledge that no matter where you live, who you are, or what Life throws at you, you'll have the means to start a fire and stay warm, cook your food, or fend off your foes. It's an invaluable feeling, isn't it?

That's what you get with the GobSpark DUOTM: confidence, reliability, safety, security.  And all without breaking the bank.

Know what else is awesome about the GobSpark DUOTM? Actually what's awesome about the whole of the GobSparkTM line?

Their innovative handles, caps and scrapers were designed right here in the Granite State (New Hampshire) and are manufactured here, too! 

We know cold up here in the Great North Woods of Northern New Hampshire, so we wanted our gear to be usable even while wearing thick mittens, and we *needed* the gear to throw massive sparks in order to start our fires quickly and effectively. There was nothing that fit the bill on the market, so we designed it. And here we are, more than a decade later, still going strong with our GobSparkTM kits.

The DUOTM is composed of two of your favorite firestarting kits: the world-famous GobSpark ArmageddonTM and its "Mini Me", the GobSpark RangerTM.

Keep the GobSpark ArmageddonTM  in your pack and the GobSpark RangerTM in your glove compartment.

Or, keep the GobSpark ArmageddonTM with your preps and the GobSpark RangerTM for your EDC.

Or, leave one at camp for the crew to start the fire and carry the other with you on your scout just in case,

Or, keep them both with you so you know that if you lose one or give one to someone you meet in distress, you'll still have a backup plan. (Always have a backup plan.)