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Conceived and put to the test in the Great North Woods of Northern New Hampshire, the GobSpark ArmageddonTM was specifically designed by FireSteel.com to be reliable and easy to use even with gloved or cold hands and in the harshest conditions Mother Nature can devise. We know cold. We know how to stay warm. We want you to have the best gear available so you, too, can thrive in the Wild.

Imagine that you've spent the day hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. and now you're back at camp, hungry, tired, maybe even wet and cold. And you're trying to start a fire with numb hands or while wearing gloves. Your typical, blocky, generic, small, firesteel handle will be very difficult to hold on to. Same or worse with the even smaller pinch-grip scrapers that often accompany these rods.

But you don't have to worry because you have your trusty GobSpark ArmageddonTM Kit. You know that you'll be able to start a fire in no time. Even if you're wearing mittens. Even if TEOTWAWKI is upon us.

(“By the way, I KNOW these work because I use them myself in the Great North Woods, where winter temperatures routinely dip to minus twenty degrees and lower. No need to remove my gloves to light my fire! My hands remain toasty warm inside my mittens. In fact, if the GobSpark ArmageddonTM didn't work, I'd be dead. How's that for product testing?” -Ron Fontaine, wilderness survival expert, owner of FireSteel.com, and creator of the GobSparkTM product line.)

For starters, we designed the handles on both the GobSpark ArmageddonTM firesteel rod and the Palm ScraperTM ourselves. With decades of experience in wilderness survival through all kinds of weather in the Wilds of these Great North Woods, we knew that a good grip on your tool was imperative. So we designed the handles on both the rod and the scraper for max grasp. We then turned to the composition of the scraper blade. We needed it to be tough enough to withstand the 5500o F sparks our rods produce. We got it. Since we already knew that the formula of our FireSteel.com rods would get you the biggest most robust gobs of sparks you have ever seen, the rest was simple. We put all three components together and the GobSparkTM line was born. We simply HAD to have a tool that would be reliable enough to be depended on with our lives.

If the ability to make fires quickly and efficiently is important to you, this is the kit to get, BAR NONE.

The GobSpark ArmageddonTM Kit is not “just a ferro rod”. It's a fire-making system. In fact, people are calling it "The best firesteel in the world". But don't take our word for it. Read the reviews for yourself.

The GobSpark ArmageddonTM Kit starts with a unique handle injection-molded (manufactured) right here in New Hampshire onto our big, world-famous FireSteel.com ArmageddonTM 3.0 firesteel rod.

Here are some of the features that make this kit unique:

  • The firesteel in your GobSpark ArmageddonTM kit is a full 3/8ths-inch in diameter and 3-inches long. This firesteel will easily start 15,000 fires. This means you get a A BIG, ROBUST firesteel on a BIG, ROBUST handle.
  • The innovative handle shape was designed by us to give you the firmest grip at all times- even when your hands are cold or while wearing gloves/mittens
  • The oval shape of the GobSpark Armageddon'sTM handle allows for creative attachment to your belt or gear, and also prevents it from slipping through the firesteel loop found on many knife sheaths.
  • Don't have a special bushcraft knife with which to scrape your rod? Not to worry! The included Palm ScraperTM completes your GobSpark ArmageddonTM kit and often out-performs the spines on many knives in terms of its spark-throwing capabilities.
  • The innovative Palm ScraperTM includes an ultra-hardened alloy blade with 6 usable edges which creates a shower of sparks when used to scrape the GobSpark ArmageddonTM firesteel rod.
  • The Palm ScraperTM was designed by us to give you an ergonomic and satisfying grip in the palm of your hand or glove (even when wearing mittens) no matter if your hands are numb from the cold or shivering wet from a mishap on the water.
  • In case of emergency, the square profile also makes it possible to use the Palm ScraperTM for one-handed fire-starting by using your foot to steady the Palm ScraperTM while you pull back hard on the blade with your GobSpark ArmageddonTM rod in your (one, uninjured) hand!
  • This great piece of gear securely snaps onto your GobSpark ArmageddonTM firesteel rod, serving double purpose as a protective case.
  • The included 550 paracord lanyard secures the two parts of your kit together and the inner strands can be pulled out to use in an emergency.