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Top 5 Bushcraft Tents

April 02, 2022
Top 5 Bushcraft Tents

Out of all the tools you bring in the bush, shelter is perhaps the most critical element of surviving in the wilderness.

Having a tarp on hand is a good start, but tarps cannot replace the enclosed safety of a tent. 

Before we dive into the best bushcraft tents, let's briefly go over what you should look for in a bushcraft shelter.

Cliford Mervil - Tent Camping Bushcraft
Photo Credit: Cliford Mervil

What to Look for in a Bushcraft Tent

Before you go out and buy a tent, here are some things to consider to help you determine the right bushcraft tent for your needs.

How Will You Use It?

When considering a tent, the absolute first question you need to ask yourself is, "How will I use it?"

Everyone’s needs are different, so to figure out what you need from a tent, you will have to think about the purpose it will serve.

Will it be used as an emergency shelter? Or will it need to withstand the elements as you camp for several days in the bush?

When Will You Use It?

Another factor to consider is when you will be using your tent? Summer? Winter? Both?

If you plan to use your tent primarily in the summer, where you’ll be moving around a lot, for example, on canoe trips, you’ll want to go for a lightweight, waterproof tent that packs down small.

In the winter or during shoulder seasons, we recommend choosing a tent with a stove jack, giving you the option to put a wood stove inside.


When choosing the material of your tent, we recommend a lightweight, silnylon material for summer and heavy-duty canvas for winter.


It goes without saying that the larger the tent is, the heavier it will be to carry.

However, an essential factor to consider when choosing your tent size is the number of people sleeping in it and their gear.

Generally speaking, if a tent says that it sleeps two people, then it sleeps precisely two people (excluding their gear). So when you are deciding on tent size, a good rule to go by is to multiply the number of people sleeping in the tent by two. This way, you’ll guarantee there will be room for everyone, including their belongings.


One element that often gets overlooked when purchasing a bushcraft tent is the ease of setting it up. Whichever tent you end up buying, it should be quick and intuitive to set up. Be sure to research what previous buyers have to say about the setup so you don’t get stuck with a user-hostile tent.


When it comes to bushcraft tent prices, a bargain might not always be a good buy.

While we all have different budgets and needs, it is important to consider the quality and features of the tent you intend to purchase. This is not to say that you need the most expensive tent, but a reminder to be wary of what you’re actually getting for the price.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what to look for when buying a tent, here are our top picks for the best bushcraft tents available.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Bushcraft Tents


Luxe Hiking Gear specializes in making high-quality outdoor equipment at an accessible price. Their Luxe Minipeak is a shining example of what they’re capable of. This little tent packs a punch with its lightweight pyramid shape, single-pole design, and ripstop outer tent.

This fully functional shelter is spacious and can fit nearly three people inside. The tent’s design allows for an easy setup with a single pole in the center that can double as a trekking pole. The Luxe Minipeak is ideal for early spring or late fall and comes with the option to put a titanium folding wood stove in it.

This shelter can be used for bushcraft, backpacking, hunting, or general camping.

Luxe Tent
Photo Credit: Patrick Hendry


If you are ready to invest in a first-rate tent, then you’ll want to check out Tschum, a German brand that makes some pretty phenomenal bushcraft tents.

Take the Tschum 2P SOSWA, for example. The 2P SOSWA is a handmade, four-season tipi-style tent capable of withstanding even the most brutal storms and is resistant to campfire sparks.

It is important to note that every tent from Tschum is handcrafted, which means that wait times can be longer than usual. However, the wait is worth it to get your hands on its flawless design.

Tschum Tent
Photo Credit: Tschum


With products designed to undergo the most grueling circumstances, you can be confident that a bushcraft tent from Kifaru will exceed all expectations.

One of our top picks from Kifaru is the Sawtooth tent that was initially designed to be a “bulletproof solo shelter.” The semi-conical shape of the tipi allows winds to slide up and over the tent, allowing it to stand up to gusts well over 70mph.

At 6ft tall, this tent allows plenty of headroom yet folds up into a tiny bag for easy transportation. This Kifaru model also comes with a cutout for a stove jack that can be covered with a velcro flap when not in use.

Kifaru Sawtooth Tent
Photo Credit: Kifaru


Specifically designed for cold weather, Snowtrekker tents are your best friend when it comes to winter adventures. They provide high-quality gear that is made to withstand the most demanding winter environments. Their tents are safe, reliable, incredibly durable, and designed with ease of setup in mind.

Snowtrekker uses lightweight canvas that has been specially treated for all of their tent models, ensuring water repellency and flame resistance. Overall, Snowtrekker is an excellent choice if you want guaranteed comfort and warmth, whether you are camping in the backyard or the backcountry.

Photo Credit: Snowtrekker


Proudly designed and made in Quebec, Canada, Atuk tents draw inspiration from Native American handicrafts. Their tents are handmade using the highest quality materials. One of our top picks from Atuk is the Alaskan tent because it is incredibly lightweight and takes up no more space than a tightly rolled sleeping bag.

This frameless model is easy to set up and is made from a cotton material that is waterproof, flame-retardant, and highly breathable.

Atuk Tent
Photo Credit: Atuk

Best Bushcraft Tents: The Verdict

When it comes to choosing the best bushcraft tent, remember that it is an entirely personal choice. What works for one person might not work for the next. So be sure to thoroughly research before you buy.