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The Best Bushcraft Knives for 2022

April 02, 2022
The Best Bushcraft Knives for 2022

Bushcraft is impossible without a knife.

Whether splitting wood, building a fire, or dealing with an emergency, you need to trust that your blade will get the job done.

When it comes to choosing the right bushcraft knife, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The knife best suited for you will heavily depend on your environment, conditions, and the tasks you plan to use it for.

As nature enthusiasts, we know the value of effective gear. That’s why we’ve spent years researching the best tools for you to add to your outdoor arsenal to ensure you are well-equipped for your next bushcraft adventure.

In this guide, we're diving into Joe's picks for the top seven bushcraft knives you can get your hands on in 2022. We'll also be breaking down each model based on key features like weight, blade length, material, and price. Read on to find out which bushcraft knife is right for you.

Best Bushcraft Knives for 2022

The Basics of the Bushcraft Knife

Is a bushcraft knife the same thing as a survival knife?

Not really.

While the two terms are often used interchangeably when discussing bushcraft tools, survival knives are mainly reserved for life and death situations. On the other hand, bushcraft knives are used for any task in the woods, including carving, kindling a fire, or preparing food.

Before getting into the best bushcraft knives, let’s take a look at a few things you need to be aware of when deciding on a blade that’s right for you.


The first thing you need to determine is what you are planning on using your bushcraft knife for. Do you need a knife to cut the occasional apple, or will you be lighting fires and making your own traps?

Many tasks can often be carried out by the same knife, which in most cases is perfectly fine. With that being said, there are different design points in each knife that make it better suited for specific bushcraft activities. For example, knives that have been enhanced with an ergonomic handle and scandi grind are favored by wood workers. Scandi grinds can be easily sharpened and are extremely durable, making them a standout choice for wood craft.

Metal Type

Being sharp just doesn’t cut it.

Choosing the right metal for the blade on your bushcraft knife is a crucial element to consider. The two most common types of metals used to make today’s bushcraft knives are carbon and stainless steel.

Generally speaking, carbon steel knives require more maintenance than stainless steel but are easier to sharpen. Stainless steel knives are certainly easier to maintain but require more effort to keep sharp.

When selecting a blade, knowing the type of environment you will be using it in will dictate the material you should choose. If you plan to spend a considerable amount of time camping near the ocean and cleaning salty fish with your knife, a stainless steel blade will be your best companion. On the contrary, if your adventures take you to drier, more wooded areas, a harder metal with high carbon content will handle chores like cutting, splitting and carving much better than stainless steel.

Blade Design

In addition to material, the style of your blade can either empower you or limit what you can do in the bush.

When selecting the best blade design, things to consider include blade thickness, length, and style. For example, shorter blades will give you more control, while a thick blade will be a better companion for tasks like batoning.


There are many different handle styles available today, and there truly is no right or wrong choice. The two main factors to consider are comfort and personal preference.

While oval-shaped handles are among the most popular choices when it comes to bushcraft knives, the only way to be sure you found the perfect fit is to test it out for yourself. When trying out different handles, try to envision whether or not you’d be comfortable handling them for extended periods.

Now that you know the basics of choosing the best bush knife let’s dive into our top seven picks for the best bushcraft knives for 2022.

The Best Bushcraft Knives for 2022

Mora Garberg Bushcraft Knife


Materials: Stainless Steel

Blade Length: 4.3 inches

Edge Grind: Scandi

Price: $


Morakniv bushcraft knives, or more commonly known as “Moras,” are legendary knives. Designed with durability in mind, the Mora Garberg is made from Sandvik 14c28n steel, and according to the company, it is the “most sustainable Mora knife ever made.”

This full tang knife consists of a Scandi grind, and while it may look simple, it is one of the most robust knives on the market. The thickness of the blade runs through to the end of the handle ensuring a strong construction that can stand up to even the most demanding challenges. This powerful knife is ideal for completing heavy-duty survival tasks and gets our vote for the best bushcraft knife under $100.

Mora Garberg with Survival Kit - Morakniv

Photo Credit:

Adventure Sworn Mountaineer


Materials: O1 high carbon steel

Blade Length: 4.25 inches

Edge Grind: Scandi 

Price: $$$$


Adventure Sworn is an incredible team of knife-makers and leather workers from upstate New York. They are passionate about producing high-quality knives for outdoor enthusiasts and the bushcraft community.

Our top pick from their knife collection is the Adventure Sworn Mountaineer. It is one of their most versatile blades and is tied with their Explorer for the best-selling model. We love this carbon steel survival knife for several reasons. 

The first is the shape of the handle, which is among the most refined handles available. It is incredibly ergonomic, durable, and comfortable to use for long periods of time. The next best feature is the pointed blade which is ideal for batoning, slicing meat, and controlled woodworking. All in all, this is a beautiful, custom knife that can take a beating.

Custom Mountaineer - Adventure Sworn
Photo Credit: Adventure Sworn

Deering EDC Bushcrafter


Materials: O1 high carbon steel

Blade Length: 3 inches

Edge Grind: Scandi 

Price: $$$


Deering makes high-quality, handcrafted steel knives in the USA. Their excellent craftsmanship is evident in their flawless designs down to the very last detail.

Our top pick from Deering is the EDC Bushcrafter model. This knife has a 4-inch handle and a scary sharp 3-inch blade, making it perfect for an everyday carry belt knife. The handle is a beautiful burlap micarta and fits very comfortably in hand, giving you an incredible amount of control. 

The knives from Deering are limited, so be sure to keep an eye on his website or Instagram if you want to snag one of your own.

Deering Knives
Photo Credit: Deering Knives

Battle Horse Knives - Patriot Scout


Materials: O1 tool steel

Blade Length: 4.25 inches

Edge Grind: Flat or Scandi

Price: $$$


Battle Horse Knives is a family-owned business that makes custom bushcraft knives in Cambridge, Ohio. We feel that the Patriot Scout model is the perfect companion in the bush out of their entire knife collection.

The high-performing blade on the Patriot Scout makes it ideal in all situations, from fire-making to food prep. The blade slices well and carves even better. It is crafted with O1 tool steel, which requires slightly more effort to sharpen, but the edge maintains its sharpness for longer.

Battle Horse Knives offers many options to tailor the knife to how you want it to look. When ordering, it is possible to choose between a flat or Scandi grind as well as multiple colors and finishing options for the handle.

Battle Horse Knives - Patriot Scout
Photo Credit: Battle Horse Knives

LT Wright Bushcrafter HC


Materials: 1075 High Carbon Steel

Blade Length: 3.9 inches

Edge Grind: Flat

Price: $$


LT Wright is one of the premier names in the bushcraft and outdoor knife community. The Bushcrafter HC model offers a full-sized, fixed blade in a simple and effective design that just plain works.

This knife is an excellent choice for those looking for a multipurpose knife as it can be used for more than just bushcraft. We like to consider it a perfect all-arounder knife.

The broomstick style handle is refined with a subtle finger guard, ensuring optimum comfort when working in the woods. The blade has a nice, classic spearpoint shape that is ideal for all kinds of drilling tasks, carving, skinning, and hunting. 

LT Wright knives are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. Plus, thanks to their affordability, they are the perfect entry into handcrafted knives without breaking the bank.

LT Wright Knives
Photo Credit: LT Wright Knives

Hurley Mini Bushcraft Knife


Materials: High Carbon Steel

Blade Length: 1.75 inches

Grind Edge: Scandi

Price: $$$$


Every single knife from Hurley Knives is made to order in Oregon. Hurley’s handmade bushcraft knives are designed with incredible precision and attention to detail. Each knife typically takes two to three weeks to create before they are sent out from the shop.

This tactical pocket knife provides a solid, fixed little blade that makes for a great EDC or bushcraft knife. Although simple in design, this knife is armed with a razor-sharp edge to handle even the toughest wilderness challenges.

All knives from Hurley can be fully customized and come with a lifetime warranty.

Hurley Knives - Mini Bushcraft Knife
Photo Credit: Hurley Knives

AA Forge Kephart


Materials: 8670 High Carbon Steel

Blade Length: 4.5 inches

Grind Edge: Scandi

Price: $$$$


AA Forge creates some of the best outdoor knives on the market. Adam, the company founder, strives to create the finest knife you’ll ever own in his shop located in Southwest Ohio. Inspired by traditional designs with a modern twist, Adam beautifully fuses superior materials and impeccable attention to detail with each knife he makes.

The knives are limited in quantity and are typically sold in small batches on the AA Forge website. If you want to get your hands on one, keep an eye on his website and Instagram so you don’t miss the next batch.

AA Forge Handcrafted Knives
Photo Credit:  AA Forge Handcrafted Knives

The Verdict: Best Bushcraft Knives for 2022

That concludes our list of the best bushcraft knives for 2022. All of the knives listed in this article will do their part in the field. However, as with all bushcraft tools, the best knife for bushcraft is the one that covers all of your needs. Hopefully this list has brought you one step closer to finding the right bushcraft knife to assist you on your wild adventures.