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7 Best Bushcraft Backpacks

April 02, 2022
7 Best Bushcraft Backpacks

Nothing compares to the thrill of an outdoor pursuit that allows you to put your survival skills to the test.

Whether you love going on canoe expeditions, game hunting, or mastering your fire-building techniques, bushcraft provides the ultimate escape from the rest of the world. However, when you are out in the wilderness, you often have no one else to rely on but yourself.

If you want to get serious about bushcraft, you’ll need to invest in a solid pack that is not only durable, but can carry all of your tools and belongings. Also, if you plan to go camping, hunting or spend extended amounts of time outdoors, your bag should be able to hold camping gear and weapons too.

There are tons of elements to consider when choosing the right bushcraft pack, but we’ve narrowed down the top seven. Whether you are a novice or veteran, we guarantee you will find a bag on this list that best suits your needs.

Read on to discover the seven best bushcraft backpacks.

7 Best Bushcraft Backpacks

The Hidden Woodsmen

When it comes to bushcraft backpacks, the Hidden Woodsmen is one of our favorite brands. 

All of their bags are made in the USA using top-quality materials with designs that strike the perfect blend between classic and modern.

While any bag from The Hidden Woodsmen would make a great companion in the bush, our top pick is the Tropical Lightweight Rucksack. This bushcraft backpack with an ax holder features a generous amount of webbing, high-quality stitching and buckles, padded shoulder straps, bottle holders on each side, as well as a large main pack.

This pack is ideal for an overnight in the summertime and can even be used overnight in the winter if you pack light.

Tropical Lightweight Rucksack Hidden Woodsmen
Photo Credit: The Hidden Woodsmen

Frost River

Frost River prides itself on building its bags to the standards of those who came before. Their forefathers inspired them to create packs that deliver superior performance all while withstanding the test of time.

Frost River makes high-quality goods across the board, but our favorite has to be the Arrowhead ECO pack.

This bushcraft backpack comes with a rolltop enclosure that can be cinched down with leather straps. A rolltop is a great feature that allows you to maintain the shape of the bag no matter how much or how little gear you pack. Additionally, the leather straps provide extra space for strapping more items onto the exterior of your pack.

There are generous two-in-one-sized pockets on either side of the pack that are both large enough to fit 32-ounce bottles, each with a hidden slip pocket for holding items you need quick access to.

This canvas bushcraft backpack is water-resistant to keep your main pack dry, and the rolltop provides additional protection from the elements thanks to the extra layers of canvas.

Arrowhead ECO backpack Frost River
Photo Credit: Frost River


Duluth makes bushcraft-specific packs for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t just survive but thrive in the wilderness. Their Bushcrafter Pack sets the standard, featuring an ax sleeve, padded leather shoulder straps, a spacious main pack, and an endless amount of options for fitting your tools.

It is incredibly comfortable to carry when the bag is fully loaded and won’t be a burden to haul on extended hikes and bushcraft adventures. The removable waist strap provides additional support for those who wish to carry the weight of the bag closer to their hips.

As with all Duluth products, their Bushcrafter Pack is 100% made in the USA and features a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and hardware.

Duluth Bushcrafter Pack
Photo Credit: Duluth

Gregory Pack

If you are searching for a nice crossover bag, then a Gregory Pack might be just what you need.

Gregory Packs are inspired by nature and feature high performance and artistic design. They have a comprehensive collection of backpacks that fit the needs of hikers, trekkers, bushcrafters, and more. Those who are new to bushcraft might consider a versatile bag from Gregory Pack that can be used for a variety of activities and hobbies.

Their forward-thinking backpack solutions and use of high-quality materials make Gregory Packs some of the most reliable packs on the market. Choose from their award-winning trekking packs or day backpacks and hit the trails with confidence.

Gregory Pack
Photo Credit: Gregory Pack

Surplus Backpacks

Good gear doesn’t have to be expensive.

Surplus Backpacks are the number one choice for anyone on a budget. These bags are military-tough, made with quality canvas material, and can carry everything you need for a day trip.

Surplus backpacks typically feature a bucket pouch and side pouches that provide ample room for storing first aid kits, food, or any other items you need easy access to.

The beauty of surplus bags is that they can be easily modified to fit your needs. For example, you might consider putting some foam into the bucket pouch to help the bag keep its shape. In addition to added structure, a foam mat will help with additional waterproofing of the pack.

In short - surplus bags are all about simplicity and are one of the best bags you can get as a beginner.

Military Surplus Backpack
Photo Credit: MidwayUSA


Kelty has been making top-quality backpacks since 1952. Their bags are highly durable and loaded with intelligent features that customers rave about.

The Redwing Tactical is one of our top recommendations from Kelty, thanks to its extreme versatility. This pack is well-built, reliable, and comfortable. It can withstand hundreds of miles and various weather conditions, all while keeping your belongings safe and dry.

Its innovative design features tons of zippered pockets and compartments so that every item you bring has a place in the bag. No other bushcraft backpack has this kind of flexibility.

Kelty Redwing Tactical
Photo Credit: Kelty


Osprey Archeon 45 - an excellent bushcraft backpack that is durable and robust. This bag gets bonus points for being made from 100% recycled materials so you can feel good about your ecological footprint.

The Osprey Archeon 45 boasts a very minimalistic design with a limited number of attributes, but the features it does have are key. This bag has a fixed lid that can be closed using metal hooks (G-hooks), ensuring no risk of them coming undone. The top of the pack has additional webbing for strapping on additional items.

Underneath the lid, a drawstring opens up the main compartment that features a comfortable amount of storage for keeping all of your belongings.

Overall this bag is super sturdy and is guaranteed to last you for years to come.

Osprey Archeon 45
Photo Credit: OspreyEurope

Best Bushcraft Backpacks: Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the seven best bushcraft backpacks. All of the bags on this list have been hand-selected by Joe Robinet himself after putting them to the test over the last decade. Finding a quality backpack that can weather all of the elements can be tough, so hopefully this list has eased the decision-making process.